Centennial Energy Thailand led by visionary founder and chairman Raveeroj Rithchoteanan is a Bangkok based international multi-billion dollar project investment and development firm which provides funding for large scale development and humanitarian projects for developing countries aiming to create high quality infrastructure, energy generation, transportation networks and so forth.

Centennial Energy Thailand functions more as a Trust then a traditional Company Limited. Our group acts therefore mostly as an Asset Management Group ensuring financing, development and management is in place for large scale (mostly Government) projects for example in the form of a BOT (Build Operate Transfer). Our group however appoints world class and international reputable service providers, contractors and consultants to assist and operate these projects on our behalf under our supervision.

Why "Centennial Energy"?

Centennial is not only a direct reference to a long history of planning, effort and hard work to achieve our mission but also refers to our deep insights. It can also be seen as "Our Intention".

The reference of Energy in our name does not necessarily refer to our projects focussing on energy generation but is more based on the "Life Energy" we ourselves as a team and as individuals have to achieve our mission in this life. In addition to the above reference we also see money as an energy as we explain clearly in our "Philosophy", hence the reference of Energy in our company name. This energy can therefore be seen as "Our Efforts".

With a strong focus on South East Asia, our group has over thirty years of experience in the region and has developed a solid local knowledge.

With access to significant financing resources combined with expertise project development knowhow affords our firm a high level of success.

developing Communities - Building Futures

About Us

Our three core areas of focus
Medical Care

Project Funding

One of our three core areas of focus is the financing of mega projects. These are often Government projects and can be world-wide. Projects include Deep-Sea Ports, High Speed Train Systems, Infrastructure, Airports etc. These can be new-build or upgrades.

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Educational Care

Project Development

Our second core focus is the Development of (large scale) projects. We have our own in-house team of developers and we work closely with world renowned external firms for specialised advisory. Similar as our financing services these projects are quite significant in scope.

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Accomadation Care

Humanitarian Projects

Perhaps the most important core focus is the financing and development of large humanitarian projects. Such projects include hospitals, schools, low cost housing, transportation solutions, city planning etc etc.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Our company activities

Architecture and Real Estate Development

We seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision...

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Building Engineering

Creating innovative and practical building engineering designs, our experts ensure that every...

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Design + Planning

A comprehensive understanding of how people's lives shape and are shaped by their...

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Building Construction and Commissioning

CENTENNIAL's construction and commissioning services provide critical whole-system...

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Real Asset Services

CENTENNIAL's Real Asset Services group works behind the scenes...

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Building on extensive knowledge, our professionals provide economic analysis and ...

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Our Philosophy

We see money as energy and we ensure that this energy freely flows for the benefit of the communities we join.

Without energy we cannot exist. Without our communities we are powerless.

Our Mission

"To develop our communities and sustainably build the future for our next generation."

Our Priority

Our priority is to develop communities and greatly improve the quality of life of the people in those communities by ensuring a high level of sustainability, fair-paid job creations and the development & usage of renewable energy where possible.